Powering Personal Preferences to find
the most accurate connections

MeetengoAI is a Networking as a Service (NaaS) module to easily empower business platforms to provide community members with personalized, tailor-made and the most accurate matchmaking to advance their business.

MeetengoAI is an innovative business matchmaking solution helping business owners from around the world find, schedule and manage all their business connections easily and accurately.
Dana, our AI agent, will do it all for your members seamlessly and effortlessly.

We can do the same to your community members!

Grow your community
Increase Lifetime Value
Increase Engagement

Easily integrate MeetengoAI with your site, so you can provide your members with the best business connections customized especially for them!

Speedy Onboarding

30 seconds is all we need to find the best business & personal match!

We Have a Match for You!

Once connected, our AI agent Dana is immediately searching to find the best match for you, so you get it in no time

Once you get a match, you already know why you are both connected, so you have a great starting point for your meeting


4 clicks is all you need to schedule a meeting with your prospective partners

Do you want to learn how MeetengoAI can grow your community and increase engagement and lifetime value of your members?

Schedule a 15-minute demo with our team and we’ll show you how it’s done

Guided Meetings

End-to-end matchmaking solution, from the connection, through the reasoning, meeting agenda, interactive video with additional layers of information and meeting feedback. We provide all you need for a perfect meeting


Having connections is one thing. Managing and leveraging them is something totally different

MeetengoAI Rolodex view enables members to graphically view their connections and their strength. This view also allows members to search for possible connections, and see who can open the door for them

Warm-Intro Magic

No more cold calling!  

Leverage your connections to open doors for you and your friends so you can get a head start with your needed connections

Integrations to Ensure Fast and Easy launch

You don’t need to learn new tools, since we’ve already integrated MeetengoAI to some of the tools you already use.

Schedule a 15-minute demo with our team, so you can learn how MeetengoAI can provide value to your community members