My networking group is like a family. In any instance that someone around me speaks about a service they are looking for, I instantly think about by networking peers. If I find a match, I’ll refer my friend to my networking peer (only for regular members that I know well and can vouch for their level of service). I’ll continue to assist both parties and help to change the referral to a deal.


How do I refer to?


I’ll provide my friend with a warm recommendation about my networking peer. I’ll share information regarding our familiarity, his service, specialty, and any additional information I have. Then, I’ll provide my friend with the contact information of my networking peer, and make sure they connect. This kind of connection provides a good baseline for both parties to start discussing.


Networking by Dipak Chupra


The world is ever-changing and dynamic. Giving and Receiving are both aspects of the energy level in the universe. Our willingness to give what we want to receive maintains the equilibrium in our lives.


Anything we do to our peers creates an energy force back to us. If the group identifies a member that is very active and brings many referrals to the peers, they will want to work with him and start referring to him. If all the peers will actively do so, the group will thrive and all members would benefit from it.


Actively bringing joy and success to others, guarantees such flow back to us


To summarize, being a solopreneur in a small business can cause you to feel a sense of loneliness and frustration. Being a part of a networking group is the most amazing thing a solopreneur can do for his business and himself.


Online networking is the next best thing in networking. The ability to promote your business, establish partnerships and get referrals without leaving your house, wasting time on the commute, and pay for gas or parking. It’s amazing. From my experience, it’s extremely effective as well!




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