All-in-one Networking as a Service module

Easily integrate MeetengoAI with your current platform to offer your customers and community members with the most advanced and accurate business matchmaking solution

Community Management dashboard

An easy-to-use dashboard to view your customers’ activity including insights on their needs and requirements

Growth Module

Open your community to outsiders so you can transform your members to your ambassadors to help you reach new potential members and grow your community

Interactive Video

Additional layers of information during our video meetings to ensure efficiency

Business Rolodex

A graphical view of all your business connections including their strength

Warm-Intro tool

Leverage your existing network to find an introduction to your most needed connections, so you don’t need a cold reach anymore

Integrations to Ensure Fast and Easy

You don’t need to learn new tools, since we’ve already integrated MeetengoAI to some of the tools you already use.

Schedule a 30-minute demo with our team, so you can learn how MeetengoAI can provide value to your community members.