Marketing Revolutions

We’ve seen several marketing revolutions in the last 100 years. Contrary to other revolutions, marketing revolutions are usually unplanned and often only noticed in retrospect.   In the past when people wanted to promote the business, they had to publish ads in professional magazines and fly all around the world to present in relevant tradeshows […]

What is Networking?

Since the beginning of time business owners searching for ways to sell more, reach new customers and penetrate new markets. In medieval times, merchants and lords sent messengers on sea or land voyages to new markets to offer their goods and find new goods to import. Messengers would reach new territories, spread the rumor about […]

Networking, Soul and the Universe

My networking group is like a family. In any instance that someone around me speaks about a service they are looking for, I instantly think about by networking peers. If I find a match, I’ll refer my friend to my networking peer (only for regular members that I know well and can vouch for their […]